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Political Unrest in Haiti

We continually work to be self-sustaining. This is good not only to lower operating costs but also for the security of our children in the case of instability in Haiti. As many of you may be aware, there is growing political unrest in Haiti. The following article by the department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security explains the reasons for the current unrest and the potential violence that could occur:
Thankfully, our orphanage is located a few hours from Port Au Prince. However, we already have been affected by political riots of a different nature in our area earlier this year. During those riots, we had trouble obtaining critical supplies, and electrical power was cut off to our orphanage – making it difficult for us to pump water from our well. This is bad for our children and staff as well as for our crops, which rely on irrigation from the well. For this reason, a top priority in our efforts to become self-sustaining is to purchase a solar system that will make us independent of the government’s electrical grid. Please pray for Haiti and for our ongoing efforts to keep our children and staff secure and healthy.