Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Wellness of body

Marty and TrevorOne important aspect of our vision for each child is “wellness of body” – regardless of any disease a child previously contracted before coming through our doors. Most of our children come to us with a variety of illnesses – including HIV for some children. However, we believe that God can work in many ways to provide healing relief so that our children can thrive in life.

  • God works through the hands of trained physicians. Our children receive healthcare at the highest level – such as from the well-respected Partners in Health (www.pih.org) hospital, founded by Paul Farmer from Harvard University. The specialized treatment that PIH gives to our HIV-infected children is essential to their survival. Our children also receive periodic visits from doctors, nurses, and chiropractors from the USA. We have seen remarkable improvement, for instance, from physical therapy provided to our children with severe development issues.
  • God works through the healing power of His own Creation. Our children are fed a highly nutritional diet. We believe in the healing power of God through the mechanisms in our bodies that are fueled by nutrition. We continually work to reduce our reliance on imported foods and to cultivate more organically-grown foods on our own farm.
  • God works through love and prayer. Our staff members are like loving parents to these children. They are not just caretakers. They provide the love that has been withheld from these children before coming to Ephraim. We believe love and the prayer of our staff, volunteers, and supporters can have one of the most powerful healing effects.

Dr._Graham_Elderly_WomanThe progress we see is encouraging. Children who could not walk begin walking within weeks. Children with chronic illnesses find relief. What progress will we see with HIV-infected children? Time will tell. But we trust God for miracles and are doing our part to unleash the power of his creation in the bodies of these children.
Community Healthcare. Through visits from volunteer doctors, nurses, chiropractors, and dentists from the USA, we provide health care to people from our local area. We live in a rural community where many people do not have access to basic health care. Many people live with chronic pain from curable ailments that can be as simple as an abscessed tooth.