Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit


School Uniforms
The Ephraim Orphan Project is partnered with another USA-based, 501c3 organization called “Project 117.” They have begun a primary school on the Ephraim property and will begin constructing a larger school on their own adjacent property in the spring of 2014. Their vision for education is to see EVERY Haitian child attending school (not just the most gifted) and discovering their role in God’s story. Their long-term education plans also include:

  • A middle-school and high-school
  • A vocational school

We understand that not every child who grows up at the Ephraim orphanage will have the desire to go to college. Some children are more inclined to work with their hands, for instance. This is why we are so excited to have Project 117 as a partner. The vision is that their vocational school will give children employable life-skills such as: engine maintenance, IT training, and small-business mentoring.
In addition to a vocational school, we love the fact that Project 117 desires each child to have a quality education that would enable them to excel at a university in the United States. In our experience, most of the children who go through the traditional Haitian education system would not be equipped for a USA university education without additional schooling. To learn more about Project 117, visit their website at p117.org.