Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit

What We Believe

TreesWe are a Christian organization. We believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is able to “reconcile all things to Himself…” as it says in Colossians 1:20.

We believe that Christ died for the sins of all and gives light and life to those who believe. We are thankful for His unconditional love and seek to model and teach this to the children in our care.

We believe that the suffering of children that is present in the world is not what God intended when he created the world. We believe that he asked us to enter into his reconciliation of all things, including the lives of children.

We believe that the diseases children contract are not what God intended for the world. We believe that he is able to heal their physical bodies. Doctors, nurses, chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists, etc … are all a part of God’s plan of healing.

We believe that God created the world and that He still thinks His Creation is “good”. We believe he created his own nutrition plan for bodies in the natural world. We strive to do our best to unleash the healing power of nature that God intended from the beginning.

We believe that no child should be discriminated against as a result of race, economical status, or religious beliefs.