Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit

The word “Ephraim” is a Hebrew word that means “Double Blessings” when translated. We believe there are two ways we can “double” the blessing of the Ephraim Orphan Project and sustain its impact well into the future:

  • Imagine the impact of equipping 20 children – who understand the power of unconditional love – with a college education. We envision them to be doctors, politicians, businesspersons or whatever their hearts’ desire. We believe they will have a lasting impact on their world. We also believe they will naturally want to carry on the legacy of Ephraim.
  • We hope to someday replicate the Ephraim Orphan Project. The board of directors will oversee a survey to determine the location of greatest need for a second orphanage. The location could be in Haiti or another country. It could be a unilateral project – using funds raised by Ephraim. Or the new orphanage may be realized by providing consultation to another partner organization.

Case Study: Peter

Dr. Peter treating children while at the Ephraim Orphanage

Dr. Peter treating children while at the Ephraim Orphanage

Dr. Peter recently came to treat over 100 local children while at the Ephraim Orphanage. He was sponsored by an Ephraim board member to obtain his medical degree in the Dominican Republic. Peter is a perfect example of how an investment in an advanced education can be a “double blessing” to the country of Haiti.