Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit


Dr. Mark Catterson or “Doc”, as we call him, is essential to the Ephraim Orphan Project in so many ways. His medical background has helped us deal with the difficult task of caring for children who have a variety of illnesses when they come to our orphanage.


Fabiola Valery or “Fabie”, as she is known, is the heart of the Ephraim Orphan Project. A Haitian citizen, Fabie was working as a hospital administrator when the 2010 earthquake struck in Haiti. After witnessing the multitude of displaced children, she felt led to start an orphanage.
Fabie is our operations director in Haiti. The people address her by many titles: “engineer”, “architect”, and of course “mamma”. She does everything from manage construction to caring for babies. We are thankful for her wisdom and courage as she helps Ephraim navigate the complexities of Haitian culture.


Marty Dittmar is the chaplain for Purdue University athletics. During his day job, he is counseling high-level athletes who play football, basketball, baseball, track … name a sport and Marty is involved.
Marty also has a life-long history of ministering to people in developing countries. From Africa to Haiti, Marty’s experience working in challenging environments has helped the Ephraim Orphan Project grow from a dream to a reality.
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As a former NFL football player, Kyle Adams may appear all brawn, but his business degree from Purdue is truly an asset to our board. More importantly, Kyle has an incredible burden for the children of Haiti. And he is not afraid to voice it!
Kyle is a spokesman for Ephraim. He has told our story everywhere from NFL locker rooms to TV networks. Kyle loves to tell people how much God loves these kids. We honestly could not ask for a better spokesman. His optimism is contagious!


Chad Traxler has extensive experience working in developing countries as an engineer. (Chad also is a graduate of Purdue University … starting to see a pattern?) He focuses on the continuing development of the Ephraim Orphan Project as an organization of which we are proud.
Fabie asked Chad to help her start an orphanage in 2010, and he has never looked back. Having lived in Haiti before, he was also deeply touched by the needs of orphaned children following the earthquake. Chad founded the USA branch of the Ephraim Orphan Project.