Our Vision for Each Child: Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our Story

We care for orphaned Haitian children who are victims of the most severe neglect and poverty. We have seen miraculous recoveries by children who were literally fighting for survival before coming to live at our orphanage:

  • A Two-year-old girl was too weak even to lift her head due to the effects of a severe illness. The doctors said she likely would never walk. She took her first steps after being in our care for four months.
  • Another Two-year-old’s legs were severely atrophied due to an indefinite period of sitting unclothed in the dirt in an earthquake displacement camp. Now she loves to run laps around the dining room table.
  • A Six-year-old boy would catch fish to feed his four-year-old brother. He recently told us he is so happy to not be living in the displacement camp. He just realized his dream of learning to ride a bicycle. Now he can just be a kid.

Our Mission

To provide a loving family environment where each orphaned child – regardless of the abuse suffered, illness contracted, or abandonment endured – can achieve wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

  • We strive to provide wellness of BODY through restorative therapy, preventative health care, and an all-natural nutrition plan comprised largely of foods cultivated on our own property.
  • We strive to provide wellness of MIND by providing an education that culminates in a set of life-skills that will give each child the opportunity to impact their world.
  • We strive to provide wellness of SPIRIT by building a family structure on the foundation of unconditional love, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for all of us.

We are presented with the suffering of Haitian children on a continual basis, and we help meet those needs in a variety of ways. A general donation gives us the flexibility to meet each new challenge we face

  1. Each new child we accept into the orphanage has unique health and emotional issues. While we work to project our expenses, it is difficult to project the severity of the needs of each new child we accept.
  2. We frequently are presented with needs at other orphanages that are too urgent to ignore. There are many orphanages in Haiti. In our experience, only a minority have adequate resources to care for the extreme needs of the children they house. We have a history of helping out children in these cases. We have provided physical therapy and nutrition supplements to children with HIV. We have given clothes, food, and built school desks.
  3. We have a history of helping out children in extreme need, even though we may not take them in to the orphanage. A general donation helps us encourage existing family members to take the responsibility of caring for their own children if at all possible. We believe an orphanage should be the last resort. But it is difficult to turn someone away without giving the caretaker some type of assistance. This is especially true if they have a child who is suffering.